ADHD is a very common condition that can be found in many little patients all over the world. Interestingly enough, the increase in cases is not only related to various external factors like more stressful style of life. There is also a correlation between the improvement of diagnostic methods and the amount of patients with ADHD. We have a sudden influx of cases of ADHD mostly due to the fact that we can reliably identify the condition.

The industry had to adjust to the increase in cases and some mistakes were made. One of the problems was an overly zealous rate of prescriptions of stimulants which is never a good idea. Stimulants are great drugs and help in a timely fashion but they also have various adverse effects that can significantly harm a child. Using a stimulant should be a very calculated risk with a payout always overweighting the risk itself.

Another problem was that we always considered non-stimulant drugs a second line of defense and frequently medics completely ignored alternatives to stimulants as less effective options. However, we learned that in some cases less is more. This can be applied to various antidepressants that often start acting slowly but deliver a reliable therapeutic effect in the long run. For example, drugs like Wellbutrin may take up to 6 weeks to show a notable improvement.

Non-stimulants have been pushed aside for a long time, but change is coming. Meet Strattera, a very good medication that is now considered a very effective drug to treat ADHD.

What Makes Strattera Special?

Despite the results, stimulants are quite dangerous to use and may impose a significant threat for a child. Adderall and Ritalin have been around for ages and some parents think that they are completely safe. While no one would argue that these drugs are effective and relatively safe, we also cannot ignore the fact that stimulants can be harmful when used incorrectly. Non-stimulants are much safer in comparison but also provide less distinct therapeutic effect and do not relief symptoms right away.

The overall effective, however, stands out as a very interesting argument for Strattera usage. A comparative study conducted several years ago checked how well Strattera fairs against one of the most reliable stimulants in the market – Ritalin. Interestingly, Strattera showed nearly equal results as Ritalin after 10 months of treatment. Turns out, all you need to make Strattera work is a little bit of patience.

There Is a Big Flaw

Sadly, the world does not have a prescription drug that comes without any downsides. All drugs can potentially do more harm than good when used incorrectly or in patients who simply do not respond to treatment or have physiological individualities that contradict the very usage of certain Rx drugs.

Strattera despite being safer compared to regular stimulants has a very distinct issue that has been highlighted by numerous researchers. The drug does make patients think about suicide and this happens more frequently in children and adolescents. While adults can usually overcome such thoughts, children may be more vulnerable to such adverse effects. It is recommended to be mindful of possible complications and immediately report to a psychologist or your doctor if you notice something like:

  • Frequent mood swings;
  • Depressive behavior;
  • Sadness and low social activity;
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Note that this is not a big warning “NO” sign. In fact, the warning does not mean that your child cannot use Strattera. Quite the contrary, the vast majority of modern doctors will recommend using this drug instead of Stimulants. Strattera is a very helpful drug when it comes to managing various ADHD symptoms. You just need to keep an eye on your child during the treatment course and be concerned about unusual changes in mood. It is also advised to try out the drug for a short period of time.

Scientists about Strattera

The medication has been thoroughly studied by pharmacists and chemists all over the world. Initial researches highlighted the fact that the drug does indeed help with ADHD symptoms but the improvement may take a long time to be noticeable with some cases requiring over 6 weeks for the effect to become observable. First studies determined that using the drug twice a day is a good practice.

Later, studies focused on treatment plans with lighter concentration. The drug can be taken only once per day and studies show that the therapeutic effect is just as strong.

A very interesting finding was that children who took Strattera gained weight and height while using the drug. The study does not indicate that the drug actually leads to such consequences, but unlike stimulants Strattera does improve one’s weight gain.

All in all, Strattera is definitely a good drug to use as an alternative to simulants if your child is intolerable to them or you are afraid to use something like Adderall or Ritalin.